What is Dumawall made of?

It is produced with the revolutionary patented RCB® (Rigid Core Board) technology with an interlocking tongue and groove system. It is also 100% waterproof, lightweight, strong and 100% recyclable.

What size and thickness are Dumawall tiles and panels?

Dumwall+ Tiles are 375mm x 650mm x 5mm and comes in a pack of 8 tiles
Dumwall XL Panels are 2400mm x 900mm x 5mm (White only) and 2600mm x 900mm x 5mm and comes in a pack of 2 panels

How heavy is Dumawall?

Dumawall is only about 5kgs per square metre.

Is it suitable in a bathroom?

Dumawall tiles and panels are 100% waterproof making it ideal for wet areas. They can be used as a wall panelling application for shower and bathroom areas. Given the large sheet size of Dumawall XL, it can provide that grout free alternative to a tiled shower recess.
Not only is it suitable for the bathroom area, it can be installed in laundry areas too.Dumawall tiles and panels can be installed directly on top of an existing tile wall for an express bathroom upgrade.

What’s the warranty on Dumawall?

It comes with a 10 year limited warranty on the sheet and obtains a PASS™ certification meeting the S14G of the New Zealand Building Act 2004, giving you piece of mind.

Can I cut or drill Dumawall tiles and panels myself?

Yes, you can use a jig-saw for power sockets and cut the Dumawall tiles and panels using a skill saw with a blade that is compatible with Rigid Core Board material.

How do I join Dumawall tiles and panels together?

Dumawall tiles and panels are installed using an inter-locking tongue and groove system, where there is no need to use H jointers.

What if I don’t want the exposed edge?

We supply aluminium finishing trims that tidy the ends up while providing that flawless finish.

How do I clean Dumawall?

Dumawall can be cleaned using a damp microfiber cloth with common household detergents. If you are unsure on the cleaning agent, apply a small amount or contact us. We do not recommend abrasive cleaning agents as it will damage the surface.

How do I store Dumawall tiles and panels?

It is important that they are stored flat and horizontally. Before installing Dumawall tiles and panels, ensure they are sitting flat for at least 48hrs.

Why is part of the tongue or groove chipped off the panels? Are my panels defective?

The panels are not defective. During manufacturing, one corner of the overlap lip is intentionally milled off. This is to provide enough space for the four corners to fit together when four panels are connected. The milled tongue or groove does not impact the product performance or finished look.

Are Dumawall panels scratch resistant?

Yes, there is a durable, UV-cured, protective polyurethane layer on the surface of the panels. This wear- and-scratch-resistant layer will prevent moderate abuse. The tiles are intended as a wall product, however, and can be scratched by sharp objects or dented by blunt force. Dumawall tiles have better wear and scratch resistance than most wall treatments, such as painted drywall or panelling. Panels should be cleaned with household or mild commercial cleaners that do not contain abrasives.

How many tubes of DumaFix Glue do I need?

One tube of DumaFix Glue covers approximately 2m2

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